How to Install a Portable Generator

How to Install a Portable Generator

Portable generators are very important devices in every homestead. We all need this generators for the purposes of backup in case of failure of the mains supply of electricity. The important aspect of this generator is that it doesn’t need to generate power to all the appliances in the house but only the necessary one such as fridge, television and lighting. In the following discussion we are going to look at some of the major steps involved in installing the generator. Get a hold of duromax generators reviews if you wanna learn more.

Identify the vital appliances in your home.

This is usually very important since it will guide you on the kind of generator you need and the strength of the generator you need. An example of a petrol-driven generator is rated 3500 W and can support essential appliances such as fridges, television and lighting for a duration of 12 hours.

Choose the wiring system

Portable GeneratorUsually, there are two major wiring systems which are involved in the installation of the portable generator. The interlock kit method and the manual transmission switch method. One is usually expected to consult the local department of labor and industries before deciding on the wiring system to use during the installation.

Fix an inlet box hook up

This is a very important device that usually goes at the house exterior which normally and importantly has got lower male connector. The major function of this device is to connect the panel system being installed in your house.

 Keep your family safe.

This normally involves steps such as avoidance of direct connection of generator to the breaker box and avoiding the connection of the generator directly to your washing machine for the purposes of safety of your family.

Get an inspection of the installation.

This is normally very important in a case of lack of experience in the electrical world. The essence of this to ensure that you and your family will be safe in case of fire break out and that the insurance company would not dispute the incidence.

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