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Why Avoid Fabric Softeners

Why Avoid Fabric Softeners

If you are looking for a way to live a healthier, happier life the first place you should look to improve is your laundry room. Did you know that dryer sheets and fabric softener contains a multitude of harmful chemicals? They may smell beautiful but those strong scents are really just masking awful chemicals that can lead to things like cancer, brain damage, and respiratory irritation.

Ridding yourself of chemical exposure is the first step to living a longer and healthier life. You may be wondering, if you don’t use dryer sheets or fabric softener how do you soften your clothes? The newest trend is by making the switch to using wool dryer balls. Not only do you save money by using them but they don’t contain any harmful chemicals and you reap the same benefits as using fabric softener and dryer sheets.

How They Work

Wool dryer balls are easy to use but they need room to work. This means you can’t throw in a huge load of laundry into the dryer with a dryer ball. Stick to small to medium loads. A normal amount for a medium load is three of the XL dryer balls per load. Once you’ve thrown them in, run your dryer as usual. Be sure to watch your laundry closely as the dryer balls will dry your clothing more quickly than what you’re used to. Over drying your clothing isn’t good for them. That’s why watching your clothes closely the first couple of cycles is so important.

Add Your Own Favorite Scent

You can customize your dryer balls by adding essential oils to them. This will make your laundry smell incredible but without exposing you to all of the dangerous chemicals. You don’t have to limit yourself to just lavender and peppermint. There are many, many other scents.

Why Avoid Fabric Softeners

After you add the essential oil, wait about 10-20 minutes before adding them to the dryer. The better the oils are absorbed into the wool dryer balls the slower the scent is released. The slower the better!

Avoid Plastic PVC Dryer Balls

Plastic dryer balls are just as bad as dryer sheets and fabric softeners because they contain harmful chemicals. When heated the chemicals are released into your clothing and the air that you breathe. The same is true if you’re using tennis balls. The only true alternative to washing your clothing in fabric softener or using dryer sheets is to use wool dryer balls.

Living Chemical Free is Healthier

Living a green life means living a natural life, free from chemicals and other harmful additives. Even soy has been linked to health problems. For men, ingesting large amounts of soy has been recently linked to severe drops in testosterone levels. Mainly through soy foods but soy ingested in any form is unhealthy if on a consistent basis.

Freeing yourself from harmful chemicals promotes longevity, decreases negative stress, promotes or even reverts current health problems and makes you feel better in general. Why wouldn’t you want to go green? The benefits far outweigh the cons. Make the switch today and start living a green life.